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World class KYC/AML solution and database, we offer the best experience to our clients.

Faster Customer-Onboarding, More Revenue with Less Risk 

ARGOS offers a seamless automation in Customer On-Boarding, KYC, money laundering and financing terrorism risk assessment and AML screening. Our KYC and Anti-Money Laundering solution enables clients to grow revenue by safely engaging in financial transactions while keeping a low risk profile. We help businesses economically comply with AML regulations around the globe. Verifying the source of funds secures transaction integrity of your business. With ARGOS, you always stay ahead of the regulatory curve and focus on your core business.

KYC / Customer Due Diligence

KYC form submission and screening for errors and fraud cases.

AML Screening

Checkup the customer lists with our AML global watch lists

Red-Flag Verification

Targeted profile investigation and risk leveling


AML report publishing and Whitelist finalization.

Our Competitiveness

Easy Integration

We offer a ready-made KYC form that is easy-to-integrate into your website.

Personalized Feedback

Personalized feedback to submission errors will enhance customer conversion.

Standardized Solution

What you only have to do is to complete our checklist. Simple and easy.

Quick Result

User verification process completes within a couple of minutes

Security & Compliance

We use the most advanced technologies to secure data storage.

Immediate Respond

We offer you an unique and prompt service through 1:1 consultation channel.