The Importance of Using a Third-Party KYC•AML Service

“We’re just doing KYC on our own. But could that be a problem?”
-anonymous VASP

Let’s find out about KYC•AML outsourcing!

1. Objectivity and Independence

In the financial sector, the performance of duties by external regulatory compliance agencies is recognized as being more independent and objective than that conducted by internal officials. It’s like an audit.

2. Expertise

Processing KYC and AML screening requires complex legal knowledge and vast amounts of information. To mitigate any future legal risks, experts who are well versed in changing policies and updated sanctions lists around the world, are needed.

3. Maximize work efficiency

A proper AML process requires years of additional obligations. If you leave all your work to an AML specialist, you’ll be able to focus more on your business.

4. Cost reduction

To create an internal AML division, you’ll need:
1.A law specialist
2.A trained KYC Operator
3.A program Development Team
4.A Customer Service center
5.Personal data keeping cost
6.A data security specialist is required.

With Argos AML solutions, you can dramatically reduce the cost of AML, including KYC.

In need for KYC•AML screening? ARGOS is with you.

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