Our Customers Testimonial

The Argos Team successfully helped us with our ICO's KYC and AML work. When we opened our registration, 10,000 people signed up on our website during the first hour and Argos worked hard to process them efficiently and on time. I also enjoyed their communication speed and responsiveness; they were always fast to respond to any of our requests. Thanks to them we were able to focus on our work and successfully finish our ICO.


The Argos Team helped us comply with KYC legal measures required for our token sale. As for corporate KYCs, often the KYC submission needs more work because of more complicated process. However, Argos directly communicated with our token investors, which helped us fully concentrate on finishing our KYC. During the KYC service period, Argos always provided prompt feedback to our inquiries, perfectly fitting our needs and KYC schedules.

Alex WonCo-CEO of Contents Protocol

Argos’ compliance specialists are checking a significant number of verification requests using our software every day and thanks to their great team, processes and service level, we’re able to reliably run KYC/AML compliance checks on our global user base quickly and efficiently.

Lukas HermannsFractal COO

Argos KYC/AML services are reliable. With its very competitive pricing, Argos processes verification at high speed.

Aleksei ShlegTierrapay CEO