ARGOS wins 2nd place in the 9th Asan Nanum Foundation Chung Ju Yung Startup Competition!

We are proud to announce that ARGOS wins the second place in the 9th Asan Nanum Foundation Chung Ju Yung Startup Competition, a nationwide competition for young entrepreneurs. 

“I am very happy to receive good results at the Asan Nanum Foundation’s Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition,” said Son Sung-ho, director of Argos, who was in charge of Demo Day’s presentation. “We will continuously strive to become the No.1 non-face-to-face ID verification and anti-money laundering risk analysis service in the global market beyond Korea.”

This marks the nineth Asan Nanum Foundation Chung Ju Yung Startup Competition since 2012. This year the competition received over 1,220 entries from growing startups. A total of 11 team, including Argos KYC, have advanced to the final round, beating the competition ratio of 110 to 1.

The final evaluation to mark the end of the grand journey took place yesterday and nearly 150M KRW in cash and other prizes have been awarded to winners and finalists.

The panel of judges who selected the winners of the competitions are venture capitals and accelerators including Bluepoint Partners, Futureplay, and Korea Creative Content Agency.

Asan Nanum Foundation Chung Ju Yung Startup Competition

The Chung Ju Yung Startup Competition aims to promote spread of entrepreneurship, to support young enterprises, and to enhance non-profit competency. It sets out to find the next Asan Chung Ju Yung, the founder of Hyundai known for his contributions to the successful modernization of the South Korean automobile, and ship-building industry. The competition is also designed to encourage young startups to materialize their ideas into real business products. Each year the Competition focuses on discovering promising startups in various industries and provides participants with various opportunities such as venture capital / accelerator mentoring, demo day, and networking events.

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