Argos KYC Wins Ministerial Award for ‘Venture Start-up Promotion Merit’

Wonkyu Lee, CEO of Argos KYC, holding the ministerial award

Argos KYC, South Korea’s leading contactless identity verification and AML screening service provider, recently received a ministerial commendation for the “2020 Venture Startup Promotion Merit Award” conducted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Since 1999, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups has held an annual award ceremony for the promotion of venture start-ups to discover and encourage outstanding venture companies and start-ups in South Korea. Individuals and companies that have contributed to economic and employment growth, by facilitating venture investments, and start-ups and developing knowledge service industries, are selected and rewarded. The assessment was conducted in three categories: venture business, SMEs investment facilitation, and Start-up business. Argos KYC has once again been recognized for its excellent technology and outstanding growth potential with the “2020 Venture Start-up Promotion Merit Award.”

Wonkyu Lee, CEO of Argos KYC, said, “I am incredibly grateful that Argos KYC’s efforts for 2020 have been recognized. I hope that we will continue to perform well in 2021, especially with the global expansion.”


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