Argos KYC has been selected as the ‘First Penguin Company’ by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (hereinafter referred to as KODIT) in recognition of its originality and technology in Argos Know Your Customer and money laundering risk analysis services.

CEO Wonkyu Lee at the KODIT certification ceremony

KODIT’s “First Penguin Company” program supports promising young start-ups with funding of up to 3 billion KRW. The program selects innovative companies that are 5-year-old or younger, and thus help them grow as global leaders.

Argos is leading the development of future authentication technologies through the development of core technologies for identity verification such as artificial intelligence-based identification, face recognition technology, OCR, and fraudulent image filtering technology. Argos KYC is expanding to the Southeast Asian market, set to establish a branch in Singapore next month.

Earlier this year FullStack Inc. was admitted to the NH Challenge+ accelerating program in recognition of its technology and growth potential of Argos KYC and money laundering risk analysis services. The company also won 2nd place at the 9th Asan Nanum Foundation Chung Ju-yung Startup Competition last August. 

At the KODIT certification ceremony CEO Lee Won-kyu of Argos KYC showed strong confidence that the company will grow into a global KYC & AML screening service company representing Asia in the future. “We have set the stage for smooth entry into the Southeast Asian market. Along with the launch of Argos Liveness Form service and Singapore branch opening, Being a First Penguin will pave the way for our advance into the global market.”


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