Argos KYC is excited to announce that we are joining the “Imagine Future 2020 Gangnam (IF2020 Gangnam)” held by the Banking Sector Youth Startup Foundation(D.CAMP) and Gangnam-gu at Seoul COEX from October 28 to 31.

Argos KYC on IF 2020 page

This event is to help startups managing their businesses during the COVID-19. The events will be held both online and offline to allow maximum public participation.

Argos KYC at the offline event

IF2020 Gangnam also hosts “Startup Black Friday” online, where you can purchase products and services from the selected startups. Argos KYC, AML screening, and money laundering risk analysis services are also available on the IF2020 page. More details can be found on the event’s official page (


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