Argos’s AML report clearly states identification information and risk profile of your potential client. Argos partners can easily respond to increasingly challenging global regulations and focus more on their core business.

Argos risk-based approach to anti-money laundering pinpoints the real money laundering risk and significantly reduces false positive alerts, and manual workload. It is time-consuming and difficult to scrutinize and constantly update the official watchlist. Delegate your anti-money laundering duties to ARGOS.

Sanction: Global sanction list

More than 180 sanction lists including UN, EU, OFAC.

More than 390 other official lists including Interpol, Asian Development Bank anti-corruption policy list.

PEPs: Politically Exposed Persons

23 job categories such as ministers and government officials

Data accumulation since 2002 in accordance with international regulations and guidelines

RCAs: PEP and SIP Relatives & Close Associates

Brother, spouse, child, parent, relative, friend, legal counsel, company associate, etc.

SIPs: Special Interest Persons who are under legal proceedings

People who have been convicted, arrested or in trial against issues regarding finance, taxation, organization, corruption, trafficking, terrorism, etc.

Adverse Media: Negative Press upon individuals and entities

Data gathered through media, public records, the Internet, and other sources

Accumulated data on 17 categories, including corruption, conflict, environment and human rights

State-owned & State-managed Enterprises

Corporations withheld by the government with share of 1% or more or by the sovereign wealth funds / SDN with 10% shares or more 

More than 220,000 names of state-owned enterprises (parent company and subsidiaries)

It is not an offence having business with those exposed to Adverse Media. But screening AML database is a must for companies that are concerned about reputational risk or who have a very strict internal risk policy.